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discovering oneself is a journey with no finite destination.

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No blood appeared on my cheeks when icy, cold drops of rain slapped them. Hundred bee stings pierced through my flesh with each globule of water. Still, I trudged through the rain because...

...I couldn't go back...

...to the temporal joy of mortal living. Sweet candies, greasy meat, and chilled wine, they were all inviting. The true good I expected turned out to be a big, fat nothing. My own body enslaved me, guts protesting from the inside and lungs commanding my breaths against my will. It wasn't pleasant at all. My two legs failed me, I couldn't walk. My biological rhythm forsook me, I couldn't sleep. Demons haunted me at night and a buzzing spirit possessed my immobile body. I lived a nightmare nobody else could feel. All the well-wishes, sympathy, and prayer could never deliver me from the pain of abused blood and flesh.

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I stood up and looked at his reflection in the mirror by the wall. God, what a handsome looking fella he was. His eyes sparkled like small gemstones. His smile made the room glow. Those floppy ears were so cute, I wanted to grab them in the mirror and bite them. Delicious!

Whenever he breathed, his lips turned into a more attractive rose color. The saliva glistening on his bottom lip made it more seductive. I wanted to hear him speak and take me into fantasy land. There in heaven we would drown in ecstasy. I wanted to die with him. Death only comes once in a lifetime and I wanted to make mine worthwhile.

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