Xeno Hemlock



Entrance to the Underground River in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines.

Before I pursued writing, I sought a different kind of art - photography. Like they said, if you don't really love something, you will not last with it. My Nikon D40 broke years ago and that was my door to the exit from photography. 

When I saw August 19 was World Photography Day, I decided to unearth some of my old photographs (for nostalgia) and uploaded them on Instagram.

This photo prompted a short poetry from me when I was thinking of a caption to use...

Water that ain't blue

is beautiful too.

...because who said only "blue" water is beautiful? Whoever said that must not know how to row. 

Anyway, on the day I took this photo it rained. Hence the yellowish brown river. On normal days, it's blue. Let me say I'm glad it wasn't a normal day.

Below's the "classic-looking book cover" for the poem (because each poem must have a "book"; I said so).