Xeno Hemlock

Death's Last Days With the Dying


Memory 066

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Yellow laser-like beams fired from Truzgamos' eyes to the victim's as he began the life force extraction process. The victim, a young man, was too mesmerized by the supernatural creature to object his demise. Prudence, arriving late at the scene, sent an energy wave right away towards Truzgamos. The force freed the man from Truzgamos' grip and gaze but it was too late. He was gone. Prudence dashed towards Truzgamos, purple lasso appearing in her hands.

The dead man's soul appeared next to his body, confused upon seeing what's going on around him. I summoned a gate to the afterlife.

Prudence also appears in the novel I Killed My Friends and It Thrilled Me.

Xeno Hemlock