Xeno Hemlock

Death's Last Days With the Dying

Tommy Envisioned

Memory 002


Tommy envisioned: one step at a time, one day, one hour, one minute, and even one ridiculous second. The little grains would pile up someday to build a castle and herald the arrival of Madame Lucky. Until then, he remained a captive of Captain Cowardice.

“Hello, Tommy,” Martha smiled at him when they happened upon each other at the corridor in the afternoon once more.

His legs froze and his lips only gave way to a tiny beam. Her eyes turned to a window of gray clouds. Their afternoon ended in awkward silence. She walked away. He missed their forever.

Death's Last Days with the Dying is an online drabble spinoff of I Killed My Friends and It Thrilled Me and Walden and Hyde (and Other Short Stories).

Xeno Hemlock