Xeno Hemlock

Death's Last Days With the Dying

The Faces of Kinship

Memory 090

Xeno Hemlock the Faces of Kinship.png

“Get out of here, Prudence.” The irony of my words tasted a little bitter in my mouth.

More men and women appeared out of thin air, wearing faces I didn't recognize but I looked into each and everyone of their eyes and felt kinship.

“I'm not leaving. Our mission's not yet finished.” The Lasso of Light shone brighter in Prudence's hand.

“It is now. Do as I say and call it a night.”

“Like I said, I fought these vampires before. I know exactly how to get rid of them.” Prudence started twirling her weapon.

“But they're not vampires, Prudence.”

Prudence also appears in the novel I Killed My Friends and It Thrilled Me.