Xeno Hemlock

Death's Last Days With the Dying

Repulsed Samantha

Memory 040

Xeno Hemlock Death Drabble Dying Repulsed Samantha.png

The sight of Rita alone repulsed Samantha and made her lose her appetite. “The school cafeteria should impose a ban on her ugly face,” Samantha put down her apple back on the tray.

“She's not really ugly,” one of the girls sharing the table with Samantha spoke.

“You know that's not a funny joke,” Samantha gave the girl the stink eye.

“It wasn't meant as a joke,” the girl replied. Another girl sitting next to her elbowed her out of Samantha's sight.

“Very well then,” Samantha got up and left the table with her food tray. “I'll sit with Rita.”

Xeno Hemlock