Xeno Hemlock

Death's Last Days With the Dying

Noble, Rose

Memory 005


For all the restless and the weary, Rose arranged bouquets of azalea.

For all the affectionate and the grateful, Rose filed vases of carnation.

For all the committed and protectors of secrets, Rose aligned pots of daisy.

For all the faithful, joyous cheerleaders, Rose fastened wreaths of dandelion.

For all the religious or the chivalrous, Rose ordered posies of forget-me-not.

For all the beautiful but oblivious, Rose made corsages of forsythia.

For all the commoners who deemed themselves noble, Rose fashioned garlands of magnolia.

For all the quick-tempered and reptile lovers, Rose built boxes of snapdragon.

All together, store open.

Xeno Hemlock