Xeno Hemlock

Death's Last Days With the Dying

Nasty Crunching

Memory 030

Xeno Hemlock Death Drabble Dying Prudence Nasty Crunching.png

The window-shattering scream of Prudence's damsel-in-distress could've woken up any sleeping creature nearby. Too bad because aside from her, Ms. Hez, the four-legged reptilian humanoid and me, there was no other entity in the hospital.

A bright purple arrow darted from Prudence's hands towards the humanoid but the creature had centuries over her. Using two of its legs, it grabbed the still screaming damsel. The shrieking got replaced by a nasty crunching of the bones as the creature bounced from the floor to the ceiling, using its other two limbs, and hung upside down.

I smirked. Prudence lost. Humanoid won.

Xeno Hemlock