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Death's Last Days With the Dying

Death's Final Remembrance

Memory 098

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I remembered Mrs. Remington's joy sitting on her beloved Adirondack.

I remembered Henry's bliss as the sun hit his face before his final breath.

I remembered Little Aristotle's unimaginable pain as the car crushed his little body.

I remembered Little Beth's terror seeing the angry eyes of her father again.

I remembered Arianna's despair during her descent from the rooftop.

I remembered Tommy's heartache knowing he didn't tell Martha how much he liked her.

I remembered each and every one of their names, faces, regrets, gratitude, and heartaches.

I remembered the voice of my father and my mother and myself...

Death's Last Days with the Dying is an online drabble spinoff of I Killed My Friends and It Thrilled Me and Walden and Hyde (and Other Short Stories).

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