Xeno Hemlock

Death's Last Days With the Dying

A Piston and a Flower

Memory 013


Silky, soft, white sheets served as the battle arena.
Rose-scented candles smoked a hypnotic waft in the air.
Shy and timid lamps illuminated just enough to craft the illusion.
Dreamy, hungry, brown eyes devoured silhouettes and eye candies.
Sweaty and pulsating warm bodies itched to create friction with each other.
Fiery kisses erupted from scorching mouths.
Wet, slippery tongues intertwined like two fighting snakes.
Electric and toxic breaths exchanged hosts and possessed bodies.
Quiet, secretive, sturdy walls played witnesses to the illicit game plan.
A piston and a flower formed a divine and sinful unity.
I smelled murder and copulation.

Xeno Hemlock