Xeno Hemlock

Death's Last Days With the Dying

Thuds and Groans

Memory 093

The suppressed laughter died. The impulse of fear subsided. What replaced both was relief, however only temporary. The city air left our nostrils as gravity dragged down to the earth both Prudence and me. There was a thud and a groan, followed by another groan and another thud.

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Season 2Xeno HemlockPrudence
Swatting Death Like Flies

Memory 092

The golden chain morphed into a huge, golden serpent darting its way towards Prudence and me on air. Prudence tightened her grip on her magical lasso and kept her eyes on the man in the pinstripe suit. The serpent and the lasso clashed, turning into an explosion of orange and blue sparks

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Season 2Xeno HemlockPrudence
The Faces of Kinship

Memory 090

“Get out of here, Prudence.” The irony of my words tasted a little bitter in my mouth.

More men and women appeared out of thin air, wearing faces I didn't recognize but I looked into each and everyone of their eyes and felt kinship.

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Secret Delight

Memory 086

It could not be helped to feel a little, secret delight when a reversal of fortune transpired in front of our very eyes.

“Get away from here,” Prudence ordered the man she just saved from the creature Agmon. The man dashed to the apartment's only door without a word back to his rescuer. Agmon shrieked, exposing rows of long, jagged teeth. Prudence grinned.

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The Deities and the Universe

Memory 085

Reaping the souls of the dying felt good, at least for the first hundred of years. Then I learned even Death could get infected by boredom and monotony. Though I witnessed people saving others' lives, even risking their own in the process, I was always just an observer. I only knew death and not life, just death and its busy schedule.

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Season 2Xeno Hemlock