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Writing Tip: Character Analysis of Trigun Anime by September C. Fawkes

Now that I have finished a novel, my first, I can do two things:

  1. take a breath of relief (but this doesn't mean the work is over)
  2. look back at the things that influenced my dream of becoming a fiction writer

Thank you:

  1. Archie digest magazines for helping me build a good English foundation
  2. Disney books, classic literature books, and the few odd selections
  3. notebooks that allowed me to draw and scribble on their pages
  4. 90's cartoons 
  5. anime such as Little Women 2, Heidi, the Dragonball series, Sailor Moon, Yu Yu Hakusho, Trigun, Lupin III, and many more

While there were more influences that followed, the list above contained those which were part of my childhood and teenage years (a period of my life when the seed of the mastery of creativity was planted in me).

A box somewhere in my bedroom still houses old VHS tapes of some of those anime shows. Though I no longer have a working player, I doubt those tapes would find themselves disposed of anytime soon. They're too close to my heart for parting.

Writer September C. Fawkes shares us her character analyses of the characters in Trigun, a Western and futuristic hybrid that hides a sucker punch or two. Fellow writers will find her articles very helpful. Anime fans will find them very interesting.


Character Analyses:


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