Xeno Hemlock


Worms and Crows/Return to Flash Fiction

September rain washed the mud and filth off my old body. Abandoned in a deserted valley for days, my decaying corpse would scare myself if I stumbled upon it. Worms had made it their playground. Crows had nibbled on different parts. The hollow circle in my chest was beginning to fill with water.

The time had come.

The rotting flesh began repairing itself quickly bringing life to greyish skin, the hollow circle disappearing for good. My heart pumped blood again. Hair grew back in a different color. My former brown eyes turned green. My body levitated itself upright.

A porcelain-white figure suddenly appeared in front of me. “The Beacon I knew wasn't this desperate,” it said in a low voice.

“Vindaya,” I uttered. “I did this for Mercy.”

“Still doesn't justify this.”

“Things change.”

Vindaya's dark blue eyes glowed. “You know what I must do, friend. I must kill you.”

The piece above is an "episode" titled "Worms and Crows" from my defunct flash fiction I Am Ethan.

Well, I got good news. I will be returning to the world of flash fiction soon. Details shall be kept confidential for now but I feel that the world is once again open to embracing flash fiction.

Very soon!