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Vulnerability is Not Weakness

Falling in love with our Day Two, I believe, is something everyone should learn. I read on my Twitter timeline someone saying we're not in an "information age" but rather an "entertainment age". So living in the entertainment age, everyone's become more interested in the problem and the solution/the happy ending, but people these days don't want to go through their Day Twos anymore. While shortcuts can sometimes be very helpful, I think in personal growth and mastery, it's a definite NO.


You’ll find the quote above in one of a cyber book club’s discussions on Brené Brown’s book Rising Strong in Tracey Yokas’ website.

Tracey introduced Brown and her books to me. I walked into a book store one day and there glowing against the other books occupying the same shelf Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly attracted my attention. “This name is familiar,” I mumbled a minute before remembering where I encountered it - in one of Tracey’s Facebook posts where she gushed about Daring Greatly. Sometimes we buy books not because we know anything about it but because we have faith in the taste of the person who recommended it to us. In my case, Tracey indirectly recommended the book to me. Trusting her taste in books, I grabbed the book, paid for it, and never looked back, not at the store but in a metaphorical way.

One big lesson I took from Daring Greatly opened a new door in my life, and will open many more - vulnerability is not weakness. @@Sometimes we confuse “playing the victim” with “showing vulnerability”. The two are completely different.@@ The former is a manifestation of the refusal to take responsibility in one’s actions bringing only destruction. The latter shows ownership of one’s feelings and emotions in order to create something good out of it. For a very long time I thought being vulnerable was playing the victim. I was wrong and I’m glad to be proven wrong.

When Tracey announced a couple of weeks ago she was starting a cyber book club to discuss Brown’s Rising Strong, two thoughts occurred in my head: “Oh great! Another thing to occupy my time from more important things” and “Dayum! It’s Brené Brown. Me gusta! Bring it on! Yeah! Where do I freaking sign-up?” Obviously, I ignored the voice of the devil. I signed up.

Last week we tackled the book’s second chapter. I dove so deep into our discussion my aura of vulnerability crossed the Pacific Ocean to the other members in the West. Seconds before pressing the Post button I skimmed the response I wrote and said, “Dear guava, I’m scared.” But it was just a moment of fear, something that an acceptance of vulnerability’s true role in our life can easily trample anyway. So I pressed the button and my mental self stood from the chair and threw fists in the air. “Heck yeah!” The quote above was part of my vulnerable post.

No regrets. Lesson learned. And applied!

You can join the book club here. It’s not yet late to do so.

You can read the Chapter 2 discussion here.

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