Xeno Hemlock



When the big cloud of darkness
loomed over the horizon,
we got scared, petrified,
of that unconventional person.

In the haze of confusion
we did not dare speak.
His huge army could turn
brave people meek.

Their weapon was groupthink,
capitalising on the herd.
Us odd men with a voice
caved to fear, went unheard.

Some groups surfaced
to defend the assaulted truth,
didn’t matter the age,
elders, baby boomers, and the youth.

In the sea of folks courageous
one member stood out,
infusing truth with poetry
that’s what her voice was about.

Without thirst for the spotlight
or hunger for approval,
that poet slash(/) fighter
wielded weapons unusual.

With her wits and charm
fuelled by her coffee cup,
the message became clear:
We should NOT give up.

For when fear takes over
and hope disappears
begins the reign of terror
and the falling of tears.

The poet slash(/) fighter
spoke from the heart.
There’s fire in her voice
and a flair for art.

Yes, it was addicting,
charming, and warming.
‘Cause when the heart’s speaking
the angels start singing.

It’s the kind of courage
that infects other people,
elevates their thinking
and separates them from sheeple. 

Thus, we became inspired,
our spirits rejoiced.
Sunlight pierced the cloud.
The fearful found their voice.

So when you think of giving
UP! ⬆️ here’s some reminding
how you triggered our hearts
to a brave awakening.