Xeno Hemlock


#ThinkAboutIt - Life is a Ferris Wheel

It may be one of life's most annoying cliches but truly life is a ferris wheel. Sometimes we're at the top. Sometimes we're at the bottom. Even yours truly is not exempted from the inevitable cycle. It may be tempting to think a self-published author is immune to this. After all, if one is self-published that must mean one has won the battle against self-doubt and fear. Now, how is it possible someone who has crossed the bridge of accomplishment can fall off the track again?

I wish I know the answer or even the absolute truth. But I don't. The best I can surmise is that the tired cliche must be one of the universe's laws. Just like the Earth rotating on its axis while revolving around the sun, we cannot be always facing the light throughout our lives. Sometimes we get to be royalty. Other times, we must play the role of the pauper.

Why must the universe impose this law on us? Again, I don't know. To teach us some lesson, perhaps? To remind us that life is worth living especially on days we get to have great sex, have lots of cash in our wallet, or even sit in a stomach-busting buffet? To teach us to appreciate those good days by giving us shit, a remembrance that rainless days aren't perpetual? We're not invincible. This we know but sometimes forget. In one snap of life's whimsical fingers, things can turn 180°. 

Shitty days remind me of that other cliche, that we can't appreciate the sunshine without a little rain, or the day without the night, or an explosive orgasm after hardcore copulating without experiencing an embarrassing premature ejaculation at least once. If you're going through a series of unfortunate days, a deus ex machina is just around the corner. This I know. For the past few weeks, I've been sitting on my soiled chair because I forgot to wear a diaper. I'm all clean and smelling like a baby now. Perhaps, Mercury was just in retrograde. 

Think about it.