Xeno Hemlock


The Purple Lady

Xeno Hemlock Poetry Purple Lady.png

Have you heard of the legend of the Purple Lady?
I know the story but her name escapes me
She was sent to an island with a group of heroes,
Villains, builders, and the ghosts of zeroes
Surviving the competition was the nature of the game
For money, title, and a newfound acclaim
Day by day, they were whittled to a savvy few
Our lady persisted, she made it through
By blending with the rocks, the sea, and the trees
She went almost invisible yet she was not to be missed
Despite her camouflage, there's no hiding her hair
Red as a lily against skin so fair
What an artful dodger with a voice so sweet
Contrary to her cunning and her sturdy feet
Her machinations were sublime, a little underrated
But the stories were lost, untold, and (sadly) wasted
Then the dominating men along with the loyal goats
In front of a tribunal, evicted her with votes
Her folklore was established the night she went missing
The holes in the tale left to her crusaders for filling
Hearsay claims her enigma was spotted around town
So I'm sending you there to deliver her crown.

"The Purple Lady" will appear in the upcoming book The Lion Eating the Sun.

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