Xeno Hemlock


The Inner Journey is Our Compass

Next year I vow to make more posts under this blog’s Journal category. Okay, I’m kidding. I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions anyway. Why wait for the start of any year to steer our lives into something greater when we can act on it anytime?

This year, despite the political shenanigans, personal disappointments, career bumps, and even financial setbacks, I will not call 2017 a shit year. I will not look back on it and say, “That’s the year my Twitter timeline was flooding with negative local news.” Also, “That’s the year I got financially fucked because of an ill-planned investment.” Why? Because the world isn’t always a happy and worry-free paradise. That’s the reality.

One of my favorite self-development advices is “Focus on your shit and avoid the news.” The news (and other worldly affairs) can be distracting and irrelevant to our goals. While there is great value in filtering our connection to current news and events, there is also great importance in not being ignorant to what’s going on in the world around us. We cannot lose connection to the world. No man is an island. Even Chuck Noland, despite adapting to living on an island by himself and a volleyball, still yearned to go back to the mainland. Now where do we draw the line? Do we have to pick one practice over the other? Should we remain in the middle pondering in eternity which one to choose?

It was a year of bad news, crumbled relationships, and missing money. However, it was also the year I achieved my long-time dream of finishing a novel, that dream that made me cry during nights of dark commute home, solo weekends in coffee shops, and lonely walks in underground passageways. Because, you know, I wanted that dream so bad even when nobody was behind me and I didn’t know where to start. Why then should I declare my 365-day journey a disaster over things I don’t always have influence and control? Was it right to ignore my personal achievements and growth just because the rest of world sometimes seems to get dimmer? My say: make the inner journey our compass we navigate the external world.

 Dreams do come true!

Dreams do come true!

Wouldn’t it feel great to be an empowered, confident, and principled king or queen instead of a pawn walking on this colorful, sometimes cruel, sometimes caring world? A spirit of royalty will help shield and aid us against whatever the external world throws our way. Our ability to help others increases the more solid our inner foundation is. Remember that saying “You can’t help others if you can’t help yourself”? The world will never be bright if you don’t tend to your inner light first.

Should we ever get lost and dizzy in this ever-winding world, may our inner compass guide us back.