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The 10-Question Test to Verify If You Are Really Living with Purpose

Have you found your purpose in life? Are you sure you did? Here's a 10-question test to confirm if you really are living with purpose. 

  1. Do you prefer staying in bed every morning?
  2. Do you fear failure?
  3. Do you compare your life to those of others?
  4. Do you allow what other people say to influence what you do?
  5. Do you find the weekdays a drag?
  6. Do you always let go during the weekend?
  7. Do you have to own the latest gadgets, gizmos, and trinkets?
  8. Do you hate solitude?
  9. Do you find yourself bored often?
  10. Do you feel you should be doing something else?


If you answered 'yes' to any of the questions, it's time you re-evaluate your life's purpose. Why?

  1. Your purpose should be the main reason you feel energized when you wake up every morning, providing you with the daily tasks you need to do.
  2. Your purpose should not cause you to deny the existence of fear but rather to recognize it as the enemy, standing in the way, that needs to be defeated.
  3. Your purpose should strengthen your belief that your life is different from others and there's nothing wrong with that.
  4. Your purpose should give you confidence and faith in yourself; you are the driver of your life and only you can fully understand your vision.
  5. Your purpose should provide you with daily tasks and goals so every day becomes an opportunity to get closer to the achievement of it.
  6. Your purpose should be big and important that days off exist in your vocabulary no more because every day is an opportunity to work for it.
  7. @@Your purpose should drive you to seek fulfilment from the inside@@ and not from material things outside.
  8. Your purpose should make you embrace the reality that only you can truly walk your chosen path from beginning to end.
  9. Your purpose should give you meaningful things to do and open your eyes to opportunities disguised otherwise in unexpected places.
  10. @@Your purpose shouldn't instil any doubt in the path you're taking.@@


Now the question is: Are you really living with purpose? 

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