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"Unburning" The Rice (Commitment to Vulnerability Opens the Way to Heal Years-Old Wounds)

Years-old wounds, such as negative self-beliefs, hurts, disappointments, and anger, are not easy to heal. Let alone almost three-decades of it. That's why when I first "met" the other members of the book club I thought, "What the hell have I gotten myself into?" On my own, I already had a hard time acknowledging my wounds. My admission to the book club would require me to do exactly that.

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Vulnerability is Not Weakness

Falling in love with our Day Two, I believe, is something everyone should learn. I read on my Twitter timeline someone saying we're not in an "information age" but rather an "entertainment age". So living in the entertainment age, everyone's become more interested in the problem and the solution/the happy ending, but people these days don't want to go through their Day Twos anymore. While shortcuts can sometimes be very helpful, I think in personal growth and mastery, it's a definite NO.

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