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#ThinkAboutIt - Are You Proud of Your Age?

Have you tried asking children how old they are? After that brief moment when they make sure they have it right, children will look you straight in the eye, pronounce the number, and sometimes will accompany that number with their fingers. Then go ahead and ask someone above the age of 30 the same question. You'll be lucky if you get an answer right away. Most people, above the age of 30, will look you in the eye for a while before letting a couple of numbers leave their lips. During that moment, instead of recalling the age to make sure it's right, that person is thinking whether to give you the real age or not. Silly is not the right word to describe it. It's stupid. Why the need to hesitate or even lie about your age? Since when did age become something to be ashamed of? 

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Bitch I'm Madonna - A "Fuck You" to Ageism

In today's world, ageism is rampant. You may think it doesn't exist but it's there. You'll find it in the elitism of mainstream radio, only playing music by younger acts and ignoring music veterans. You'll see it in the corporate world that at times favour youth over the experience and wisdom of the older people. You'll also find it online and offline, with the way the youth of today disrespects older people poking fun of them and treating them as if they're something else other than a human being. All your life you may be ignorant about it or pretend this social disease never exists until it hits you when your time has come. Whether you like it or not, as long as ageism exists we will all be victims of it.

Let's look at the moronic statements ageists use as weapons for their stupid, illogical, and backward-thinking propaganda.

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The Truth About Love

How can you love someone else's flaws when you can't even accept your scars, blemishes, and uneven ears?

How can you love someone else despite their past if you haven't let go of your own?

How can you love someone else's language when you are not even familiar with your own?

How can you let in someone who's worthy when you believe yourself you are not worthy?

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