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"Get Stupid" Should Be Your Mantra

Running on a treadmill going at 3 mph used to kill the shite out of me. It was embarrassing. To aid me in improving my treadmill performance, I created a custom playlist specifically for it. Beats must be fast. Lyrics should be appropriate. “Don't stop me now. Don't need to catch my breath. I can go on and on and on,” I heard in the pre-chorus. Fitting. “Give it to me, yeah! No one's going to show me how. Give it to me, yeah. No one's going to stop me now!” sang the singer in the chorus. I made it to the end of the timer, and my “treadmill skill” improved gradually over time. The song, Give It 2 Me, was a great motivator, a perfect treadmill track you would say. If we listen closely, it's a song that continues to resonate off the treadmill, off the gym, and in life.

Released as the second single from her final Warner Records studio album, Hard Candy, the song was described by Madonna as a celebratory anthem. Pharrell Williams who co-wrote and produced the song provided his vocals to the song, accentuating the funky rhythm and stomping beats. In one glance, the lyrics appear simplistic but that should not take away from the song's brilliance. After all, some of the most philosophical questions in life are simple such as “What is true happiness?”, “What is true strength?”, and “What is freedom?”. So Madonna opens the song asking, “What are you waiting for? Nobody's gonna show you how.” Before you even have a second to ponder, she follows it up with, “Why work for someone else to do what you can do right now?

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