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The Schooling from a Cab Driver

I wished all cab drivers were like him, customer service-oriented. After his successful Grab-a-Taxi bid, I called him to give the details of my whereabouts. He called a few minutes later, to say he was on his way to pick me up. He didn't have to, I already knew. He wasn't within sight yet but he was already going the extra mile.

I wished all cab drivers were like him, courteous. I headed for the back seat but he opened the door to the passenger seat, so I sat there instead.

I wished all cab drivers were like him, friendly. He greeted me with a smile. His voice was like a dog's, strong but friendly. If there was coffee in front of me, I'd be drinking it. We'd be like hanging out at a coffee shop chatting. I warmed up to him instantly.

I wished all cab drivers were like him, responsible. I told him why I rejected another cab driver before him. The greedy driver was asking for a high fixed fare, instead of using the meter, citing the 70% off sale at a nearby mall that was causing a traffic heavier than usual. I refused. “He should work behind a desk then,” laughed my cab driver. “Traffic is part of our job. It doesn't make sense to complain about it.” 

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