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#ThinkAboutIt - Life is a Ferris Wheel

It may be one of life's most annoying cliches but truly life is a ferris wheel. Sometimes we're at the top. Sometimes we're at the bottom. Even yours truly is not exempted from the inevitable cycle. It may be tempting to think a self-published author is immune to this. After all, if one is self-published that must mean one has won the battle against self-doubt and fear. Now, how is it possible someone who has crossed the bridge of accomplishment can fall off the track again?

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Good Morning

When you wake up to the sun each morning

He greets you with a smile, calls you 'darling'.

When I wake up I begin my mourning.

Sad. So sad.


When you walk outside the sun with a stride,

They pass you by and you beam with much pride.

When I walk outside the sun I go hide.

Shy. So shy.

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Sunny Tunes (Life Reminders From Take That's III)

Reminder: To have good things in our lives, we must allow it and be willing to accept the good things because let's face it - some of us repel the good things life has to offer because of our attitude.

Upbeat, optimistic, and sunny. These are just a few words to describe Take That's recent offering III. The songs have quips, reminders, or winks about the good things in life that we sometimes neglect because of the busy pace our world has been attuned to.


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