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How to Fall in Love With the Characters You're Writing

Creating fictional characters is one of the great things about being an author. You get to play a deity who fashions humans out of clay, wood, or even plain old flesh then dictate everything that happens to their lives. Cool, eh?

Once you become a deity, you can choose to be one of three things: indifferent, cruel, or compassionate. You can be indifferent and just use your created characters as supporting chess pieces to move along the story you want to tell. You can cruel, inflicting the worst of the worsts on your hapless children. Or you can be loving and compassionate to your fictional babies who owe their existence to you. When I wrote my novel I Killed My Friends and It Thrilled Me, I became the third and I didn't even expect it.

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Mandy (A Valentine's Poem)

Oh, Mandy! Oh, Mandy! I could never be dandy.


You whispered that I turned you on.

What whetted you were men of brawn.


Oh, Mandy! Oh, Mandy! Your futz was sweet like candy.


You claimed your spot up on the hood,

made me eat mouth that tasted good.


Oh, Mandy! Oh, Mandy! Your body was so bendy.


Inside the car, we reached fourth base,

grappling in a sweaty embrace. 

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7 Ways Life is Like a Microfiction Series

One of the rules of Glipho's weekly writing challenge was that the story or the reply must consist of exactly 150 words. Hence, I Am Ethan became micro fiction. With the limit, every word must count, must be specific. Why be a victim when you can be a robbery victim? Why move your arms when you can shake it? The selection of every word is important. The picture being painted must be precise.

In life you must make each moment count. Now more than ever, there are many distractions surrounding you that are not important to you. Redundant TV shows. Crap disguising itself as important news. Voyeurism in the form of social media. "Hanging out". The truth is if life is indeed short then you must do the things you want and not hesitate. Spend time with people you care about. Pursue your goals and dreams. If curling up in your bed with a mug of hot chocolate by your side is your thing instead of drinking margaritas, then DO IT!

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5 Reminders to Help You Through Your Struggles

If you're going to pursue your dream, it will not be easy. If you're going to transform your life, it will not be easy. And when you're in pursuit of something you want so bad, the struggle appears to be magnified. The pain is more painful. The hurt hurts more. The temptation to give up becomes stronger because continuing on the chosen path takes more power. But you must remember that nothing great comes easy. Tests and challenges are requirements before attaining something to be really proud of. Don't hate your struggles. It's an integral part of the roadmap to achieving your dreams. Without it, your journey is a fluke. 

Here are five reminders (the battalion of good thoughts) for you to remember when you're going through some struggles. They will help you carry on.

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The Second Truth About Love

Yes, we are already practicing the art of loving ourselves. We are finally aware that for days, months, or even years we have suffered mental, emotional, and spiritual abuse from other people and from our self-neglect. The result, we didn't know how to love ourselves. For some of us repairing the damage and rebuilding our core will take some time. For the rest of us the repairing and rebuilding will take much, much longer. The deeper the sorrow, the higher is the ascent to happiness. The deeper the wound, the longer the healing will complete. And so we doubt ourselves and say, "I am loving myself now but I am so far from perfect. I am mired with imperfections and flaws. I don't think I can love someone else this way. In fact, I shouldn't love someone else as long as I'm not fully fixed yet."

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Signs That Your Online and Offline Selves are Incongruent

Picture the physical version of yourself. A face on a head. Limbs made of flesh and bones. You have clothes on unless you go naked all the time. You have a unique set of mannerisms. And a name, unseen but spoken and written.

Next, conjure a picture of your online version. A face on a head, which is mostly a square and sometimes a circle. Limbs made of flesh and bones which sometimes we see or not depending on whether the square would show it. You have clothes on too, the best you have I must say, unless you like going naked all the time too. Your unique set of mannerisms we cannot see unless you are a moving series of images accompanied by a recorded sound.  Finally, a name! Sometimes spoken but always seen and always written.

Now, what's the difference between the two?

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