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What The Edge of Tomorrow Made Me Realize

This weekend, as a result of an immediate change of plans, I ended up watching Edge of Tomorrow instead of How To Train Your Dragon 2 with my friends. I had no idea what the concept of the movie was, except that it starred Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. While I had no expectations from the movie coming in, I left the theater with more than I paid for.

In Edge of Tomorrow, Tom Cruise plays Major William Cage of the United Defense Forces. Against his will, Cage finds himself thrust into combat against aliens called Mimics. With no combat experience, Cage dies after trying to kill an Alpha Mimic with a mine, dousing himself with alien blood in the process.

He wakes up the next day, reliving the day of the combat. But it is already familiar to him, having gone through the same day before. He goes to battle along with the other soldiers with the knowledge on how he previously died only to get killed again in a different scenario. He's stuck in a time loop. Fight. Die. Live. Repeat.

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I'm in Love With a Schizophrenic Woman

Her name is Sarah. Sometimes it's Allison or Cosima. Earlier it was Beth or Katja (may you both rest in peace). To my horror, it can be Rachel or Helena.

It's easy to forget those women from the BBC series Orphan Black are played by one actress, Tatiana Maslany. Each character differentiates itself from the others not only by the hair, the clothing, or the accent, but by something subtle, something that doesn't immediately catch the conscious eye. I attempted to labor myself into pinpointing out that specific ingredient that makes each character unique. But I surrendered. Why do I have to? Just watch and enjoy the show without concerning myself about how Maslany does it. She's delivering the goods and that's all I need to know.

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