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Miss You

The day I greet
with a dessert so sweet
my tongue and ice cream meet
but I miss you

The sale is so fly
puts me on a retail high
dropping I ought to try
but I miss you

Jumanji is fun
more animals, less gun
with adrenaline they run
but I miss you

The Chainsmokers are on air
pairs making out everywhere
I act like I don't care
but I miss you

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5 Important Questions You Should Ask Yourself Right Now

Do your friends share nothing else in common with you except for the fact that you went to the same school or work at the same office or live in the same neighbourhood?

Did you enter into a romantic relationship with your partner because it was better than being alone?

Is your weight getting out of control and the temptation of processed food, smoking, drinking, and the sedentary lifestyle has you mightily wrapped around its finger?

Have you not started building your <insert your dream skill> skill yet because of a myriad of strange excuses?

Is your career unexciting, unfulfilling, and imprisoning you as the days go by?

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