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Old Faces, New Friends

Pool. Food. Drinks. Old jokes and old funny stories. These were the highlights of my Saturday night. I was with a group of familiar faces, those I've known for more than a decade. Yet a part of me said they're strangers to me. I knew their names but I didn't know who they were.

After having no Facebook identity for years, something came over me and I created a new Facebook account early this year. In some weird coincidence, a former high school classmate "stumbled" upon my newly created account, sent me a friend request, and a stream of friend requests from our other high school classmates soon followed.

That led to a reunion with two of my former classmates who I had no contact with for years. We set up a rendezvous and caught up with each other's lives in one night. That was followed with several nights of catching up with other people from high school. A day turned into weeks, weeks turned into months. Those months turned into a gathering by the pool under the moon with a toddler in tow. And there I was, who believed I had completely shed my past away.

I was wrong.

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