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#ThinkAboutIt - If You Are an Animal, What Are You?

Us humans like the symbolism of becoming or choosing an animal. This applies to several instances in life such as the choice of pet between a dog or a cat, animal mascots for a product (think Tony the Tiger for Kellogg's), animals in the logos of sports teams, the different houses in Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series, and even the expanding Pokemon franchise. Associating an animal with our identity has an underlying psychological effect I do not fully understand. What I know is that picking an animal to represent me makes me re-evaluate my personality and traits. If I was in Hogwarts, would I want to be sorted to Slytherin symbolised by a snake? We associate the snake with negative ideas so of course I would not want to be placed there. Would I want to be put in Ravenclaw symbolised by an eagle? I would have no objection.

If you are an animal, what are you?

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