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#ThinkAboutIt - Life is a Ferris Wheel

It may be one of life's most annoying cliches but truly life is a ferris wheel. Sometimes we're at the top. Sometimes we're at the bottom. Even yours truly is not exempted from the inevitable cycle. It may be tempting to think a self-published author is immune to this. After all, if one is self-published that must mean one has won the battle against self-doubt and fear. Now, how is it possible someone who has crossed the bridge of accomplishment can fall off the track again?

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#ThinkAboutIt - It's More Than Just Coffee

First, it's also persistence.

Howard Schultz, in trying to raise private equity money, was turned down 224 times. That's a lot of rejection! Most of us give up on something after three failures or rejections. Some even do after giving things a try only once, a horrible thing to even think about. We completely forget that not everything aligns right in the first attempt. Imagine if Schultz gave up on his 223rd time. I will probably never discover the heaven that is Americano if that's the case.

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