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11 Quotes to Help You Live a Meaningful Life

We love quotes, reading them, looking them up, and sharing them. They provide either a quick dose or a heavy wave of inspiration and motivation to us. What's best about them is that they may appear trivial but, truth be told, a lot of them contains wisdom. Their sources passed them to us from various point in times. They're gold. They're timeless.

Here are 11 quotes you should know and reflect upon. Let them serve as guidelines to help you live a meaningful life. 

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Mud Bath

I am one with you. Let me give you my mud bath.

I am watching you. By night I'm singing my love songs.

I'm generous too 'cause I gave you your own patch.

I'm caring for you even when you neglect me.


 I'm mysterious. I dare you go deeper.

I am dangerous so don't stir my anger.

I'm loving and kind but I won't take your abuse.

I'm quiet but mind that I can cause destruction. 

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