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Bitch I'm Madonna - A "Fuck You" to Ageism

In today's world, ageism is rampant. You may think it doesn't exist but it's there. You'll find it in the elitism of mainstream radio, only playing music by younger acts and ignoring music veterans. You'll see it in the corporate world that at times favour youth over the experience and wisdom of the older people. You'll also find it online and offline, with the way the youth of today disrespects older people poking fun of them and treating them as if they're something else other than a human being. All your life you may be ignorant about it or pretend this social disease never exists until it hits you when your time has come. Whether you like it or not, as long as ageism exists we will all be victims of it.

Let's look at the moronic statements ageists use as weapons for their stupid, illogical, and backward-thinking propaganda.

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Sunny Tunes (Life Reminders From Take That's III)

Reminder: To have good things in our lives, we must allow it and be willing to accept the good things because let's face it - some of us repel the good things life has to offer because of our attitude.

Upbeat, optimistic, and sunny. These are just a few words to describe Take That's recent offering III. The songs have quips, reminders, or winks about the good things in life that we sometimes neglect because of the busy pace our world has been attuned to.


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What Madonna Can Teach You About Being a Freedom Fighter

Madonna, more than 30 years into her career, remains one of the most talked about women in history. Whether it's people misinterpreting her Instagram posts, scouring the Internet for leaked demos of her upcoming album Rebel Heart, or lambasting her for expressing a personal dislike of hydrangeas, she makes headlines for various reasons. Like a true maverick, Madonna didn't let the plethora of controversial issues and overblown topics stop her from continuously paving her path like no other public figure could. Being in the limelight for three decades, plenty of people still do not get her. They do not get Madonna at all and what she truly represents. Perhaps a subtle wink at her critics, she sang in one of her many hit singles, Frozen, "You only see what your eyes want to see."

Madonna, the Queen of Pop, had set and had broken many records in the music industry. However, her greatest contribution lies not in music but in history and society. The underrated rebel heart that she is, Madonna is more than just the Queen of Pop. She is one of the most influential and greatest freedom fighters history has seen. 

With her entire life as a testament, what does Madonna teach us about being a freedom fighter

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Life Reminders From Foo Fighters' Sonic Highways

Sonic Highways, Foo Fighters' follow-up to their 2011 album Wasting Light, is a 42-minute sonic paradise produced to satisfy your audial hunger. Unlike its in-your-face predecessor, Sonic Highways is more subtle like a river gently flowing, instead of a raging waterfall.

Recorded in different cities across the United States, the album's eight tracks stream into one big river of rock and roll. It's a great companion for driving, working out in the gym, or just having a blast. However, Sonic Highways is more than that. 

Littered throughout the album are motivational nudges and winks. If you need a source of motivation other than tweets and photos from Instagram and Facebook, Sonic Highways is your buddy. If your listening ears are more than open, you'll hear hidden gems of reminders in each song, telling you a thing or two about life and dreams.

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"Get Stupid" Should Be Your Mantra

Running on a treadmill going at 3 mph used to kill the shite out of me. It was embarrassing. To aid me in improving my treadmill performance, I created a custom playlist specifically for it. Beats must be fast. Lyrics should be appropriate. “Don't stop me now. Don't need to catch my breath. I can go on and on and on,” I heard in the pre-chorus. Fitting. “Give it to me, yeah! No one's going to show me how. Give it to me, yeah. No one's going to stop me now!” sang the singer in the chorus. I made it to the end of the timer, and my “treadmill skill” improved gradually over time. The song, Give It 2 Me, was a great motivator, a perfect treadmill track you would say. If we listen closely, it's a song that continues to resonate off the treadmill, off the gym, and in life.

Released as the second single from her final Warner Records studio album, Hard Candy, the song was described by Madonna as a celebratory anthem. Pharrell Williams who co-wrote and produced the song provided his vocals to the song, accentuating the funky rhythm and stomping beats. In one glance, the lyrics appear simplistic but that should not take away from the song's brilliance. After all, some of the most philosophical questions in life are simple such as “What is true happiness?”, “What is true strength?”, and “What is freedom?”. So Madonna opens the song asking, “What are you waiting for? Nobody's gonna show you how.” Before you even have a second to ponder, she follows it up with, “Why work for someone else to do what you can do right now?

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What Your Music Library Says About You

The claim “I LOVE music” has been misused for so long. Some probably only really LIKE music not love it, but they wouldn’t know. What does it take to really prove you LOVE MUSIC? Show me your music library and I will tell you.

If the highlight of your music library is a playlist consisting of Katy Perry’s Roar, Lorde’s Royale, Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines, Lana del Rey’s Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais Remix), Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know, and Regina Spektor’s Samson, but nowhere to be found are Double Rainbow400 LuxAin’t No Hat 4 ThatCarmen and Après Moi, then you are a SINGLE person. The songs you listen to and stumble upon are dictated by the radio, VEVO, and TV shows and movies playing snippets of the latest singles released for a chance at Top 40. You tell me you LOVE music but I shake my head in disagreement. NO, you DON’T love music. You just LIKE music. You lack the initiative to seek out the rest of the tracks bundled with the albums the singles came from, which is a shame because there are many good album cuts that deserve to be released over the singles chosen by the artists and their labels. You bounce around chanting “Ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-oarr!”. but you are missing out on 90’s disco throwback Walking On Air, “To-to-ni-i-i-ight!”, which I think is the better track.

Perhaps you have Adele’s 21 (sporting the 13th track Hiding My Heart), all 14 tracks of Bloc Party’s Four, the original edition of Beyonce’s (and you’re annoyed with the re-ordered tracklisting of the re-release edition), Body Talk Pt. 1Body Talk Pt. 2, and Body Talk from Robyn’s Body Talk series, or you saw behind Miley Cyrus’ antics and brought Bangerz, then my friend you are an ALBUM person! You have more interests in pursuing music than casual listeners, and you can proudly call yourself a FAN of these artists whose albums you purchased. You tell me that you love music, and I nod, shake your hand, and give you a tap on the shoulder. Kudos! Now join me as I transport myself to the astral plane with The Chemical Brothers’ Further on hand.

You own albums in various forms: cassettes, CDs, vinyls, and digital. Great, man! I scroll through them and see Boiling Point by Tech N9NE, Recovery by Eminem, Welcome to Mollywood 2 by Problem, Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj, and Dice Game by Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson. You watch my eyes hop from one album to another, and when I’m done you immediately say “I only listen to hip-hop.” I’m not going to slant you for your preferred choice of genre, but the next time you tell me that you love music hear me reply, “Yeah! I’m a food lover but I don’t eat meat.” Sure, you know the ins and outs of the genre, you know the history of it from inception to how it applies to the current music scene, you know the rivalries, who used whose samples, and the ripping offs among the genre’s artists, but you only know about that genre. Other types of music is unfamiliar territory. Taken out of the comfort of your hood, you’ll be beaten, robbed, and left on the streets with black eyes and bruises. You’re not totally a loser though, you got both a right and a wrong. Right? You LOVE. Wrong? Music. Instead, you should proclaim from here on out, “I love INSERT GENRE HERE.”

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