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The Insidious Horror in a Teenager's Life

There's something beautiful and poignant when you go see a movie and get something more than entertainment from it. Whether it be a lesson (What The Edge of Tomorrow Made Me Realize) or a sign (How to Attract Synchronicity into Your Life), it's those unexpected moments that add some magic in our lives. It's as if the universe went for a break from its busy schedule to personally say hello to us. 

A few weeks ago, I went to see Insidious: Chapter 3 in a theatre with a friend. I remembered Part 1 but didn't know Part 2 existed. That didn't matter. The movie turned out to be a prequel. That didn't matter too. What mattered was the special message inserted in the movie. I would probably rank Part 1 higher than Part 3 if we went by the scare scenes but I would put Part 3 above Part 1 because of the special message in the film. Who would've thought that in a horror movie I would find something to ponder about, something that touched my soul, and something that rang true for most people on Earth? Not me. Definitely not me.

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Why You Should Be and Should Not Be a Dreamer

Reading the history of Walt Disney, co-founder of The Walt Disney Company, would put you more in awe of the background of the film company. From being told he wasn't creative enough when he was a cartoonist to leaving a great legacy after his death, Walt is one of the most recognisable and inspirational people in history. When you watch a Disney film, you're not just watching a film. You're watching a manifestation. You're watching a dream that came true. It may be hard for you to look at the films as dreams but the fact is that they are indeed dreams. Dreams can come to life, you know.

In fact everywhere you go something's there to remind you that dreams are real. Your house, your car, the company you work for, the city you live in, the recreational parks in the city, the roads - all of these are dreams come true to life. If you look beyond the physical things, you'll find further more evidence of dreams that came true to life - freedom of speech, independence, the right to choose a religion. Dreams are everywhere. You just need to open your eyes to see them. But the most important dream is the dream that lies inside you, the one that's aching to be brought to life like those smartphones, roads, and independence we mentioned.

Like you, I am a dreamer too. I dreamed long enough to learn an important thing about being a dreamer - we should be and should not be a dreamer.

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How to Prevent Yourself From Becoming Your Own Worst Enemy

Pinpointing out the things that push us away from our true path is easy because we've been wired to attribute to external factors the events in our lives. We blame the weather, the traffic, the intermittent Internet connection, or the lack of time for our failures and shortcomings.

If we're not pinpointing things, we're pinpointing people instead. We blame the weathermen, the traffic enforcers, the repairmen, or even our mothers for not miraculously adding more hours to a single day.


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The Before Before The Befores (Mi Madonna, Este Es Mi)

Before I drafted a novel, I wrote an essay.
Before I chose the essay, I picked the short story.
Before I made up the story, I sang poetry.
Before I played with rhyme, I made a fan fiction.
Before I pleased co-fans, I jotted a lyric.
Before penning a lyric, my friend was a notebook.
Before my notebook, I used a sketchpad.
On my sketchpad were my strange and out-of-this-world friends.
Before my sketchpad was my colouring book.
And with my colouring book was a box of crayons.
With the crayons I ruined lines, brown, blue, and red.

Before I read Kawasaki, I read Jeff Gerke.
Before I met Gerke, I read Harry.
No, not Mr. Potter. That was earlier.
I meant Wizard Dresden by Jim Butcher.
With Alan Axelrod, I was excited.
And with Twain, I was delighted.
I joined Percy recover the lightning.
This was after Hogwarts by Ms. Rowling.
I was a mutant many years ago.
Then I went to Riverdale because I wanted snow.
Near my pillow, slept the Alps' young Heidi.
In my book shelf, classics retold by Disney.

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