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How to See the Glass Half Full

It happens to me. It happens to you. Yes, it happens more to some than others but it happens to everyone. No one who asked the universe why got any answer back. The universe could be implementing a random algorithm on who to strike with bad luck. It could be playing favorites on humanity. The fact is that we do not know why. Shit happens and there’s nothing we can do to absolutely prevent it.

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Get Rid of Your TGIF Mentality

What if one Friday you wake up and the world tells you "TGIF is a trick you muthafuckin' suckah! I designed it so that establishments will be guaranteed you'll spend money on them every week. I designed it so that you'll be miserable half of the time. I designed it to lure you away from doing things you ought to be doing because you have to spend your weekends at a bar, in the movie house, and some other place built for entertainment."?

What must you do?

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The Invisible Fear of Managing the People in Our Lives (and Why You Should Address It)

Fear has plagued society for so long people no longer scoff at the sight of it. Fear of heights, of the dark, of animals, of the new, of change, of death - you name it, there's a fear for it. A lot of people has been enslaved by fear and they miss out on life's great adventures because of inactivity and hesitation, the result of letting it rule them . Sometimes, people choose to conquer their fears, moving past the stage of awareness. But sometimes some fears are not obvious like the fear of managing the people in our lives. We are afraid to face the reality that we must control our relationships with others and let them control us instead. But we mustn't. 

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The Zero Mindset

If you told me last year that if I started then I would have a collection after almost a year, I wouldn't believe you. Of course it was common sense. Create now, be consistent, and after some time you would have created more. The math was '4 times 6 equals 24'. If I wrote weekly, after six months I would have 24 articles under my belt. However, fear impaired my vision. The logic was simple but I couldn't grasp it. I was a zero.

I wasn't a graduate of some English major. I never attended a writing seminar. My writing credentials that I wasn't proud of included the high school paper, competing in an inter-school writing competition where I lost, and a fan fiction. I unsuccessfully blogged before but I lost interest and quit. To make everything worse, I was my own enemy. Unjustly comparing myself to other writers (professionals especially), I kept believing I was a zero. 

“If you want to be a writer, write.” This was what most of them said. I scoured the Internet looking for evidence that someone like me could be a writer too. There was an abundance of tips and motivations. It was easy to be inspired but to be truly motivated I had to stop being vexatious to myself. My writing doubts and fears must be put behind me so I could start anew. I reset my journey to zero.

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