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7 Ways Life is Like a Microfiction Series

One of the rules of Glipho's weekly writing challenge was that the story or the reply must consist of exactly 150 words. Hence, I Am Ethan became micro fiction. With the limit, every word must count, must be specific. Why be a victim when you can be a robbery victim? Why move your arms when you can shake it? The selection of every word is important. The picture being painted must be precise.

In life you must make each moment count. Now more than ever, there are many distractions surrounding you that are not important to you. Redundant TV shows. Crap disguising itself as important news. Voyeurism in the form of social media. "Hanging out". The truth is if life is indeed short then you must do the things you want and not hesitate. Spend time with people you care about. Pursue your goals and dreams. If curling up in your bed with a mug of hot chocolate by your side is your thing instead of drinking margaritas, then DO IT!

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