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What You Look Like When You're Immobilised by Fear

Deep inside I knew I really wanted to. I would not meet up with the career mentor if I had no interest in what coaching could do to me in the first place. I told Suzy Roxas to give me a month before I committed to a decision. "But I will be back," I told her despite what I was thinking. I stepped out the door, headed to the elevator, and felt guilt about my incongruence. My mouth told her one thing but my mind thought another.

As I left the building, I still kept thinking about it. Thoughts ran rampant in my head: "Maybe you can just read books and online articles", "You're better spending your money on something else", "You have the passion already. Why do you need someone else to guide you when you already know what you want?" Justifications. Excuses. Or the best word to call it - fear

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