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Happy 1st Birthday, "I Killed My Friends and It Thrilled Me"

Happy 1st birthday to my son, I Killed My Friends and It Thrilled Me. I labored you for 3 years (and it thrilled me) and love you with my flesh, blood, sweat, tears, heart, spirit, and soul. I am proud of you and will be for eternity.

As a special celebration for this milestone, here are 10 trivia about the book.

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Miss You

The day I greet
with a dessert so sweet
my tongue and ice cream meet
but I miss you

The sale is so fly
puts me on a retail high
dropping I ought to try
but I miss you

Jumanji is fun
more animals, less gun
with adrenaline they run
but I miss you

The Chainsmokers are on air
pairs making out everywhere
I act like I don't care
but I miss you

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