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I Dislike Looking Back but Today I Am Doing It

I'm not a friend of looking back. In fact, there are a few "looking back"-related things and events that make me cringe:

  • high school reunions

  • conversations about the "good old days"

  • discussions, that have no productive purpose, about past miseries and misfortunes

  • trying to reconnect with people I've fallen out of touch with

Now before you try to accuse me of being a grouch, look at things from my perspective.

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The Importance of Peace in Living an Authentic Life

We could pretend to live an authentic life but if we are not comfortable in our own skin, if we dislike parts of ourselves, and if we have no understanding of who we really are, then it’s a lie. As Mike said, an authentic life is one that doesn’t wear a mask and make up stories. It’s one who shows its true self to the world with pride and courage. 

We can’t live an authentic life if we don’t make peace with who we are. We cannot be the soldier who goes to battle when he hasn’t even resolved the war he has with himself.

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I Challenged Myself To a Different View

This is a poem that I wrote initially in 2010 and finished in 2011. I held it dear to myself, refusing to share it to anyone. But that was years ago, it will be a grave shame to keep this 'beauty' away from the world.

I wrote this about someone who dealt upon me great pain four years prior to writing this. But time had been a great healer, and so with it came maturity and the ability to look at the bright side instead of the dark. While the rain poured outside the vehicle during my daily commute to work, I found myself recalling the events related to this someone. Feeling pain was inevitable but healing was a choice, and I made the right choice.

I'm against explaining the meaning behind my poems and short stories but I felt I should give this one a pass. The wonderful thing about art is that it can be interpreted differently. I can be moved to tears by something while someone else gets offended by it. Someone can declare something as the most beautiful piece of art to ever exist on this earth while I just easily dismiss it. So for you readers, whatever you can take from this is your privilege. Thank you for reading.

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