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3 Signs You're Traveling for the Wrong Reasons

“Buy experience, not things.” This statement has become popular lately, especially when traveling became “common” (thanks to social media). And I strongly agree with that four-word sentence. Using money to attend a seminar for self-improvement, enrolling in a course, or getting a gym membership yields lots of return on investment over buying a new pair of sneakers, a new smartphone, or even (dear Mermaid, forgive me for what you’re about to hear) a Venti Coffee Jelly frappé (whew, I still love you coffee 😍). But when this statement is used and twisted by people trapped in the Travel Game to justify their insatiable desire to keep on traveling, it becomes a hammer placed in the hands of a baker. “Well, I bought a plane ticket that will take me to the Bahamas instead of buying a new pair of Nike. That will be experience!” But if that plane ticket puts you in debt, you’re only fooling yourself.

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The Importance of Peace in Living an Authentic Life

We could pretend to live an authentic life but if we are not comfortable in our own skin, if we dislike parts of ourselves, and if we have no understanding of who we really are, then it’s a lie. As Mike said, an authentic life is one that doesn’t wear a mask and make up stories. It’s one who shows its true self to the world with pride and courage. 

We can’t live an authentic life if we don’t make peace with who we are. We cannot be the soldier who goes to battle when he hasn’t even resolved the war he has with himself.

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Be True To Your Core Values and Be an Asshole

Would you like to be an asshole?

Two friends rekindled their friendship after separation for a long time, and regained contact with their other old friends. Spending time with them again, a gut feeling that something was different and wrong surfaced. Their old friends were still stuck in the past and had very little personal growth. There was no more spark and enjoyment from being around their company. Confessing their sentiments to each other, the two friends concluded their lives had grown apart from them and it was time to let go. One of them withdrew, eventually returning to the fold of their old friends. The other one moved on, becoming the subject of name-calling, gossip, and spiteful remarks that made its way online. He was the villain, the ungrateful, and the asshole. He was me.

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