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How to Prevent Yourself From Becoming Your Own Worst Enemy

Pinpointing out the things that push us away from our true path is easy because we've been wired to attribute to external factors the events in our lives. We blame the weather, the traffic, the intermittent Internet connection, or the lack of time for our failures and shortcomings.

If we're not pinpointing things, we're pinpointing people instead. We blame the weathermen, the traffic enforcers, the repairmen, or even our mothers for not miraculously adding more hours to a single day.


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Five Things Keeping You Away From Your Dreams

A few years ago, my weekly schedule consisted of The Walking Dead, Survivor, American Idol, The Voice, Arrow, The Following, and a few other TV shows. When Monday hit the calendar, I would immediately think, "Oh, it's The Voice night tonight." The following days would fit this template - "Oh, it's <INSERT TV SHOW HERE> tonight." Everybody would be talking about the latest zombie special effects, or who got humiliated on American Idol, or who got voted out of Survivor, and so I found nothing wrong with it. 

But there was really something wrong with it.

Last year I began the first draft of my upcoming novel, initially titled "What Are Friends For", and was forced to make a choice. Watch TV shows or write your book. The greedy bastard that I was, I said, "Screw it. I'm going to do both." I wanted to embrace the new and didn't want to let go of the old. That decision, or rather that non-decision, would soon be proven foolish. Working on my dreams required more time than I initially thought; I couldn't keep the two. I had to make a choice.

If you were asked to choose between your dream and your not-dream, what would you choose?

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