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Too Soon

I want to curse Time for taking you too soon,
denying you Christmas and next year’s June.
I want to hate the weather for raining today
for the last thing I need is a world that’s gray.
I want to shut the people, their voices annoy.
Instead I wish to hear the voice of a boy.
I want to denounce science, for despite knowing all,
it couldn’t save you from fading, couldn’t stop your fall.

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#ThinkAboutIt - The Deaths That We Miss

With a tinge of sadness I closed the browser tab where I typed Hemlock Time's URL. If a part of me didn't die with the realisation Hemlock Time would be no more then something else died instead. I conjured a mental funeral for Hemlock Time, delivered a eulogy, and threw a bouquet of daffodils as the coffin was lowered under the ground. Hemlock Time's gone, another trophy for Death.

Thinking of Death made me realise something. We only care about the deaths (that already happened or that are still to come) of people, either ourselves or our loved-ones, and miss other kinds of death that happen here, there, sometime, or somewhere.

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There's No Money In It

“He’s a writer too, an aspiring writer,” my friend told the guy, who I just found out was my friend’s former co-worker and a writer (or perhaps a former writer). He was working in a non-writing related job from the snippet of conversation I heard.

“There’s no money in it,” the guy laughed. “Look at me.” He laughed harder.

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The Second Truth About Love

Yes, we are already practicing the art of loving ourselves. We are finally aware that for days, months, or even years we have suffered mental, emotional, and spiritual abuse from other people and from our self-neglect. The result, we didn't know how to love ourselves. For some of us repairing the damage and rebuilding our core will take some time. For the rest of us the repairing and rebuilding will take much, much longer. The deeper the sorrow, the higher is the ascent to happiness. The deeper the wound, the longer the healing will complete. And so we doubt ourselves and say, "I am loving myself now but I am so far from perfect. I am mired with imperfections and flaws. I don't think I can love someone else this way. In fact, I shouldn't love someone else as long as I'm not fully fixed yet."

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11 Quotes to Help You Live a Meaningful Life

We love quotes, reading them, looking them up, and sharing them. They provide either a quick dose or a heavy wave of inspiration and motivation to us. What's best about them is that they may appear trivial but, truth be told, a lot of them contains wisdom. Their sources passed them to us from various point in times. They're gold. They're timeless.

Here are 11 quotes you should know and reflect upon. Let them serve as guidelines to help you live a meaningful life. 

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My Invisible Friend

He has always been there for me but I was too pre-occupied with other matters so I ignored him. Perhaps I was really just an insolent fool. Either way, I was dumb to have neglected him. After everything he has given me, he deserves more acknowledgment I ever gave him.

My two little legs wobbled when the dawn of exploration arrived. Everybody was all eyes on me, cheering for me with words I didn't understand. I learned to hop, jump, skip and run. I even learned to climb trees. When I did all those, nobody was rooting for me anymore. Stupid me believed I was finally invincible. Young me walked over a grease on the sidewalk and publicly humiliated myself as I slipped not once, not twice but thrice in broad daylight. An approaching truck scared me so I stopped pedaling my bike. Forgotten to support my halt I lost my balance and fell on a gang of rocks who took glee in slicing the side of my knee. Red streamed down and flesh revealed itself to the world. A scar continues to remind me of that bloody incident. After days of rehearsal, we won first prize on a silly contest on dancing and singing about the importance of books. The reward was not something to boast about but it was the pride we hoped for. My two legs together with my wit wowed the judges. Yet these two legs plague me for the rest of my life with their restless itching and cramping that hinders me from loving the treadmill. Through ups and downs (literally) my friend was there. In every pain and triumph, he never left.

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