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Life Reminders From Foo Fighters' Sonic Highways

Sonic Highways, Foo Fighters' follow-up to their 2011 album Wasting Light, is a 42-minute sonic paradise produced to satisfy your audial hunger. Unlike its in-your-face predecessor, Sonic Highways is more subtle like a river gently flowing, instead of a raging waterfall.

Recorded in different cities across the United States, the album's eight tracks stream into one big river of rock and roll. It's a great companion for driving, working out in the gym, or just having a blast. However, Sonic Highways is more than that. 

Littered throughout the album are motivational nudges and winks. If you need a source of motivation other than tweets and photos from Instagram and Facebook, Sonic Highways is your buddy. If your listening ears are more than open, you'll hear hidden gems of reminders in each song, telling you a thing or two about life and dreams.

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