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5 Reminders to Help You Through Your Struggles

If you're going to pursue your dream, it will not be easy. If you're going to transform your life, it will not be easy. And when you're in pursuit of something you want so bad, the struggle appears to be magnified. The pain is more painful. The hurt hurts more. The temptation to give up becomes stronger because continuing on the chosen path takes more power. But you must remember that nothing great comes easy. Tests and challenges are requirements before attaining something to be really proud of. Don't hate your struggles. It's an integral part of the roadmap to achieving your dreams. Without it, your journey is a fluke. 

Here are five reminders (the battalion of good thoughts) for you to remember when you're going through some struggles. They will help you carry on.

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Habits That Show You Love Yourself

If you are an axe will you let your edge dull as time goes by? No. Learning a new skill is something. Getting better at it is something else. Your mind benefits a lot with every progress that you make on a specific endeavour.

Love for ourselves is reflected in our habits, those things we do with discipline and with autonomy that we almost take them for granted. They appear common and ordinary because we do them very often, if not daily. But despite that, they say a lot about how we treat ourselves and eventually whether we love ourselves or not. 

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Five Things Keeping You Away From Your Dreams

A few years ago, my weekly schedule consisted of The Walking Dead, Survivor, American Idol, The Voice, Arrow, The Following, and a few other TV shows. When Monday hit the calendar, I would immediately think, "Oh, it's The Voice night tonight." The following days would fit this template - "Oh, it's <INSERT TV SHOW HERE> tonight." Everybody would be talking about the latest zombie special effects, or who got humiliated on American Idol, or who got voted out of Survivor, and so I found nothing wrong with it. 

But there was really something wrong with it.

Last year I began the first draft of my upcoming novel, initially titled "What Are Friends For", and was forced to make a choice. Watch TV shows or write your book. The greedy bastard that I was, I said, "Screw it. I'm going to do both." I wanted to embrace the new and didn't want to let go of the old. That decision, or rather that non-decision, would soon be proven foolish. Working on my dreams required more time than I initially thought; I couldn't keep the two. I had to make a choice.

If you were asked to choose between your dream and your not-dream, what would you choose?

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