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Life and Death: The Two Elephants in the Room

It is funny because both life and death fill our minds even if we claim otherwise. Life does, of course, in our day to day living. From the moment we wake up, it begins. What do I eat for breakfast? Should I shampoo my hair or condition it? Do I wear this red polo shirt or go for the body-hugging tokusatsu shirt to work instead? Should I answer emails right away when I arrive at the office or save them for the afternoon? Do I watch a movie after work or go to the gym to make up for the sedentary hours I spent  earlier? Do I write a draft or read a book before sleeping? These questions may seem silly to you but they shape how our daily lives go about.

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I write a message addressed to the cosmos
And hope the weatherman picks it up.
Not feeling the sunny sky of the town of Vamos,
Other shades of blue are not enough.

If by design you get to read my letter,
Forgive humanity for its unintentional crime.
Heed my request to make me feel better,
Please nuzzle up against me one more time.

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