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I Killed 78 Minor Characters and It Relieved Me

Here I want to commemorate the 78 minor characters who didn't make it past the last draft. Some were there from the very beginning, others were late addition. Essentialism is not only beneficial to our personal affairs, it's also significant in writing a tight story. The absence of minor characters make a story incomplete yet the overabundance of them make it a clusterfuck.

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Signs That Your Online and Offline Selves are Incongruent

Picture the physical version of yourself. A face on a head. Limbs made of flesh and bones. You have clothes on unless you go naked all the time. You have a unique set of mannerisms. And a name, unseen but spoken and written.

Next, conjure a picture of your online version. A face on a head, which is mostly a square and sometimes a circle. Limbs made of flesh and bones which sometimes we see or not depending on whether the square would show it. You have clothes on too, the best you have I must say, unless you like going naked all the time too. Your unique set of mannerisms we cannot see unless you are a moving series of images accompanied by a recorded sound.  Finally, a name! Sometimes spoken but always seen and always written.

Now, what's the difference between the two?

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