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How Sweet is Your Motivation?

Motivation, in the form of quotes, is abundant especially now in the Internet age. Like entering a giant candy store filled with the best assortments of candies from around the world in every shelf and every corner, you will find motivational quotes on websites, blogs, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and even LinkedIn. You can drown yourself in motivation or get a toothache sending you to an unplanned visit to the dentist.

Motivation is sweet. It gives us a surge of hopeful energy when we're in a slump or in despair. It's a supportive parent who just wants you to do your best in everything. It's a non-critical friend who believes in your talent and capability when you do not see it yourself. We all love motivation. 

What kind of motivation buyer are you? Do you browse around the shop and pick the most colorful candy? Do you prefer getting one of each so you can try it all? Or do you love rock-looking chocolates, like I do?

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