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How I Made a Throwback Book Project

In this article, I outline how I created a throwback book project. Fellow writers (and even non-writers) who want to create a similar project can hopefully get some tips and pointers here.

The first step was to specify what kind of book I must have by the end of the project.

  • A retrospective (throwback) book to represent the past year
  • A self-published digital book that will be available for free and must be released not that far from the anniversary date
  • The book will only be available in PDF format, not in EPUB and MOBI (this choice was due to time-constraint)
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Hmm, Ew! Double Ew! Gross! How Typical.

I dare you to find any device that will transport us back in time so we can be face to face with our past (ridiculous) selves. While you scramble, plodding through the vault of technological science for something that can do just that, I am already having a conversation with an old version of me all thanks to my azure mind.

Now before you go ballistic on me exploding “What the *&#% is an azure mind? How can you *&#%ing tell your mind is azure? Or do you really mean ‘a sure’ mind?”, I want you to sit down, relax, breathe in and out, and just chill.

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7 Ways Life is Like a Microfiction Series

One of the rules of Glipho's weekly writing challenge was that the story or the reply must consist of exactly 150 words. Hence, I Am Ethan became micro fiction. With the limit, every word must count, must be specific. Why be a victim when you can be a robbery victim? Why move your arms when you can shake it? The selection of every word is important. The picture being painted must be precise.

In life you must make each moment count. Now more than ever, there are many distractions surrounding you that are not important to you. Redundant TV shows. Crap disguising itself as important news. Voyeurism in the form of social media. "Hanging out". The truth is if life is indeed short then you must do the things you want and not hesitate. Spend time with people you care about. Pursue your goals and dreams. If curling up in your bed with a mug of hot chocolate by your side is your thing instead of drinking margaritas, then DO IT!

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The Two Sides of the Fear of Control

After some time, maintaining multiple blogs became overwhelming. Publish this article here. Copy it and paste it on another. Publish it there, and there, and there. Write something different for this blog. Make each content unique. I was doing a lot of repetitive stuff and my creative energy was being used unwisely. Soon enough, it caught up with me. My multiple blogs took up too much of my time, time better spent doing other things I wanted to do as well. Alas! I had no choice but give up some of them.

The two situations, the decade-long procrastination and the refusal to let go of my blogs, were manifestations of fear - the fear of control. But it has two sides. One was the fear of TAKING control and the other was the fear of LOSING control.

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