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Agitated clouds, flighty waves
The ocean's about to turn crazy
Will the boat flip? Am I brave?
Can I jump in the sea, maybe?

Up ahead, there's an island
From where I'm at though it's hazy
Shelter? People? I need to scan
Could there be a monster, maybe?

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#ThinkAboutIt - Can You Spend Time With What You Dislike?

Sometimes, in spending time with what we don't like we find reminders of our true self, of who we are in our core.

Sometimes, in spending time with what we don't like we find life, beauty, and dreams.

Sometimes, in spending time with what we don't like we are reminded to always look beyond the cover.

Sometimes, in spending time with what we don't like we learn or re-learn something important to us.

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The Most Important Letter in Your Pursuit of Your Dreams

Last year, my new life began to slowly unfold itself. An image of my dream materialised when the first draft of my upcoming novel was completed. My blogging hopped on a roller coaster ride of experimentation: changes, reversion, temporary halt, and additions. My life purpose, vision, mission, and dreams reshaped themselves after walking the path of knowing oneself. I felt on top of the world, figuratively, yearning to scream my excitement in a new found life I had. Then something stabbed me in the back, an unforeseen reality that threatened to turn my nirvana into despair, disappointment, and descent. I watched my friends and family ignore my dreams and me, their silence as painful like a knife to a heart. I felt crushed, I cried, and I cried.

Let's look at the previous paragraph in a different way. What follows next is a list of important phrases I picked from it:

  • my new life
  • my dream
  • my upcoming novel
  • my blogging
  • my life purpose, vision, mission, and dreams
  • my nirvana
  • my friends and family
  • I felt on top of the world
  • I had (new found life)
  • I watched
  • I felt crushed
  • I cried

Let's apply some equality. If my = I (my is equals to I), what do the phrases above have in common?

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I Challenged Myself To a Different View

This is a poem that I wrote initially in 2010 and finished in 2011. I held it dear to myself, refusing to share it to anyone. But that was years ago, it will be a grave shame to keep this 'beauty' away from the world.

I wrote this about someone who dealt upon me great pain four years prior to writing this. But time had been a great healer, and so with it came maturity and the ability to look at the bright side instead of the dark. While the rain poured outside the vehicle during my daily commute to work, I found myself recalling the events related to this someone. Feeling pain was inevitable but healing was a choice, and I made the right choice.

I'm against explaining the meaning behind my poems and short stories but I felt I should give this one a pass. The wonderful thing about art is that it can be interpreted differently. I can be moved to tears by something while someone else gets offended by it. Someone can declare something as the most beautiful piece of art to ever exist on this earth while I just easily dismiss it. So for you readers, whatever you can take from this is your privilege. Thank you for reading.

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