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Hmm, Ew! Double Ew! Gross! How Typical.

I dare you to find any device that will transport us back in time so we can be face to face with our past (ridiculous) selves. While you scramble, plodding through the vault of technological science for something that can do just that, I am already having a conversation with an old version of me all thanks to my azure mind.

Now before you go ballistic on me exploding “What the *&#% is an azure mind? How can you *&#%ing tell your mind is azure? Or do you really mean ‘a sure’ mind?”, I want you to sit down, relax, breathe in and out, and just chill.

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Mud Bath

I am one with you. Let me give you my mud bath.

I am watching you. By night I'm singing my love songs.

I'm generous too 'cause I gave you your own patch.

I'm caring for you even when you neglect me.


 I'm mysterious. I dare you go deeper.

I am dangerous so don't stir my anger.

I'm loving and kind but I won't take your abuse.

I'm quiet but mind that I can cause destruction. 

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