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Get Rid of Your TGIF Mentality

What if one Friday you wake up and the world tells you "TGIF is a trick you muthafuckin' suckah! I designed it so that establishments will be guaranteed you'll spend money on them every week. I designed it so that you'll be miserable half of the time. I designed it to lure you away from doing things you ought to be doing because you have to spend your weekends at a bar, in the movie house, and some other place built for entertainment."?

What must you do?

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People Who Will Not Support Your Dream

There are two reasons why we want others to know about our dream. One, we are brimming with so much energy from our dream we want somebody else to take some from us before we explode. Two, we want support, a pillar of strength, or a beacon of hope. 

There are two types of reaction we'll receive if we choose to share our dream with a fellow human being. First is indifference, sometimes expressed like this smiley :| and sometimes expressed as a lethargic "Okay". Second is the false enthusiasm. "Oh cool! We'll support that," others would say but would never do it. Which is the lesser poison? The indifference. I'd rather get the cold, bitter truth instead of the burning, sweet lie which feels like another sucker punch to the gut. Temperature and taste aside, below is a list of people who may not support your dream. Warning: Don't cry your eyes out.

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What My Brief Love Affair With Alcoholism Taught Me

“Never look back.”

Together, three empowering words. I wish I could completely apply the message to myself and forget a certain phase in my life. I was heartbroken, blindsided and stabbed straight to the guts. No room left for me to go, I jumped from the cliff of my old life down to the pit of my writing career in the hope of giving meaning to my life. To make the initial ascent from dark to light easy, I entered into a romantic affair with alcoholism. Life became brighter when someone filled the void left by another. Sweet kisses in the morning, stolen moments at work, and sensual passionate fusion in the dark, my last memory for each night was me lying in bed staring at the empty ceiling. The constellations spun above me and an orgasmic sensation traveled within the veins of body. Bliss. Then I went to sleep. To slumber I took all that I learned about he.

He. Alcoholism.

He, sweet, warm, and addicting, did take the pain away — temporarily. At the pinnacle of our nightly love-making, he washed my heartache away. I felt like a free man unbound to all the miseries life had to offer. I had conquered the pain, or so it seemed. Every time the sun woke me up the following morning, I would open my eyes to a bed with disheveled sheets. He was gone and I was back to square one. The pain hadn’t abandoned me at all.

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